TAASPYC is a professional learning organization for leaders in the early childhood field in Texas. Members include administrators and teachers; from public schools, private schools and Head Start. The major event hosted by TAASPYC is an annual symposium featuring outstanding speakers and practitioners from the education field. The members of TAASPYC remain aware and current of legislative action related to the education of young children.


For more information email TAASPYC1@gmail.com

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  1. Good morning. We are interested in being a vendor/exhibitor at your conference next February and wanted to see if you could provide more information on the cost, dates and location.

    Thank you very muuch

  2. I was trying to reach Dr. Biddy to let her know about our discounted pricing for all Texas Head Starts! My name is Tonya Gnoza and I am the Account Manager for the State of Texas with the Channing Bete Company. Please email me or call and I would be happy to share information with you! My number is 888-834-6627 EXT 6466 Thank you!

  3. When is the 2019 TAASPYC Symposium? Do you have a place for the meetings? I am needing to find out the date so I can see if it is possible to attend this year.

  4. I can see the 2019 dates and hotel information. Where is the registration form? What is the cost for registration and membership for this year?

  5. I would like to register my supervisor for the Conference in Feb and need an email address to send a Purchase Order.

  6. I am wanting to register my Principle for the conference. Can I please get a call to get more information.

  7. Good Afternoon,

    I am trying to register some staff members for our district. I cannot find a contact number and need to get some more information. Would someone please give me a call.

  8. Good afternoon,

    I am trying to register my PreK Coordinator for the February Conference, and am needing more information. Please call me as soon as possible.

  9. Can someone please contact me ASAP @ (512) 365-1391 ext. 1120.

    Regarding we have you as a Vendor but TEA is requiring us to get you to fill out another form for Edgar approval.
    I need to get a check to you before Jan 18 but can’t until I get this form filled out ASAP

    Thank you ~ Kim Kolinek

  10. I am trying to register my Director and 3 Specialist for the TAASPYC Symposium 2019 Conference but, we are required to have you set up as a Vendor in our District in order to get a PO and to pay. I am needing to get a W-9 and have you fill out a Conflict of Interest form. If someone could give me a call at 281-641-7409 ASAP, I would appreciate it. We need to register by January 18th and I know the process takes a few days.

    Thank You, Brenda Shaw

  11. Good afternoon, I do not seem to find you in our data system as an approved vendor. Who may I email our district’s vendor packet to further expedite our team from being registered for the TAASPYC Symposium 2019. What would be the turn around time to get this back to us to generate a purchase order? Thank you
    Suzi Q. Gonzales

  12. Good Morning,

    I had a question about registration for our two principals.

    We sent two registrations for our PRE-K principals Angela Hellman and Felicia Sprayberry. It looks like Angela was the only one that received confirmation on her registration and Felicia hasn’t. Can someone please confirm registration for Felicia as well. Thank you so much.

    Also, they have asked if they both get shirts for the conference?

    Ivonne A. Anguiano-Laurel
    940-369-4353 Direct
    940-382-4285 fax
    Gonzalez School for Young Children

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